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verified Founded:  2017
fmd_good Headquarters:  Manchester
business Sector:  Fintech

About BankiFi

BankiFi is a fintech company that aims to alleviate the common headaches SMEs face when operating a business. Its platform, which is sold to banks to help them better service SMEs, rolls invoicing, payments, collections, accounting and tax into one.

Why we backed BankiFi

BankiFi’s founder, Mark Hartley, is well known in fintech. Before BankiFi, he helped scale and exit Clear2Pay for €375m. Mark is also highly experienced in selling to banks and has an incredible network to help scale BankiFi, including FIS and Visa.

Culture Shift

verified Founded:  2018
fmd_good Headquarters:  Manchester
business Sector:  HR Tech

About Culture Shift

Culture Shift is a groundbreaking platform that is working to end bullying and harassment in the workplace and in the classroom. Through anonymous, real-time reporting, Culture Shift is helping more people feel safer at work and during study.

Why we backed Culture Shift

Culture Shift has endless potential as a force for good. As well as securing contracts with universities around the country, the business continues to generate new pipeline leads via the health and public sectors, increasing its ARR significantly.

Dr Fertility

verified Founded:  2018
fmd_good Headquarters:  Manchester
business Sector:  Health

About Dr Fertility

Dr Fertility is a Care Quality Commission-approved digital healthcare platform covering all forms of pre-IVF fertility care, including fertility products, education, consultations, counselling, testing, referrals and prescriptions.

Why we backed Dr Fertility

Digital primary care is becoming the new norm. With post-Covid waiting lists expected to hit 10m people and digital healthcare solutions increasing, Dr Fertility’s future aim is to be the NHS’s first port of call for outsourced fertility support.


verified Founded:  2009
fmd_good Headquarters:  London
business Sector:  Charity Tech

About Enthuse

Enthuse is the UK’s second-largest charity fundraising platform behind JustGiving, raising over £100m for charity. Enthuse encourages repeat donations by inspiring direct relationships between supporters and each charity – not the donation brand.

Why we backed Enthuse

Enthuse has rapidly grown to become the no.2 player in the charitable donations space, presenting an opportunity to win even more market share in the UK and grow overseas. All of this combined makes Enthuse an attractive acquisition target.


verified Founded:  2015
fmd_good Headquarters:  London
business Sector:  Business Development Tech

About Feedstock

Feedstock’s highly intuitive Client Relationship Analytics system (CRA) rivals manual CRM tools by going deeper to help businesses monitor and sustain valuable client relationships. With CRA, businesses have better access to crucial insights.

Why we backed Feedstock

Global financial firms and brands in diverse sectors are utilising Feedstock’s intelligent services. An experienced board is also helping Feedstock unlock new opportunities in an area of digital where the demand for in-depth data is only growing.


verified Founded:  2015
fmd_good Headquarters:  London
business Sector:  AI

About Futr

Futr’s mission is to deliver superpowers to critical service teams. From intelligent self-serve chatbots to making live chat agents instantly multilingual in over 100 languages, Futr is transforming the way organisations serve their audiences.

Why we backed Futr

Futr’s leading natural language platform is gaining traction in social housing, retail, university, government, charity and the police, where it’s speeding up response times. Futr is also helping suicide charity CALM save lives with 24/7 support.


verified Founded:  2004
fmd_good Headquarters:  Cambridge
business Sector:  Health

About Inotec

Inotec has created an award-winning medical treatment called NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy, which uses a small wearable device to heal complex wounds. Early success has also led the Cambridge company to open its first NATROX® clinic in Kuala Lumpur.

Why we backed Inotec

Inotec’s best-in-class device is backed by founders who have exited medtech businesses. Despite COVID, NATROX® is growing in South America and Asia, with significant success due in the US from Wound Care Clinics, Veteran Affairs and clinician sales.


verified Founded:  2012
fmd_good Headquarters:  Liverpool
business Sector:  BioTech

About LCC

LCC is a leading chemical technology company that manufacturers chemical building blocks called chiral components. Pharmaceutical companies use chiral components to create new compounds, which are needed to test and develop new drugs.

Why we backed LCC

LCC’s unique process routes and IP mean the company can create compounds that others cannot. LCC’s work also speeds up the drug development process, which can save pharmaceutical companies valuable time while making processes more efficient.


verified Founded:  2013
fmd_good Headquarters:  Cheshire
business Sector:  Pharmaceuticals

About Maxwellia

Maxwellia is changing the face of medicine by switching prescription drugs to over the counter consumer products. Led by pharmacist Anna Maxwell, Maxwellia has recruited bright experts from GSK, Boots, J&J and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Why we backed Maxwellia

Maxwellia’s impressive work helps GPs and pharmacies by empowering people to manage their everyday health. The team’s glowing track record now includes the launch of Lovima®, one of the first over the counter versions of the contraceptive pill.

Ostara Biomedical

verified Founded:  2012
fmd_good Headquarters:  Liverpool
business Sector:  BioTech

About Ostara Biomedical

Ostara aims to solve fertility challenges via clinically validated science and technology like Evie™. Evie™ is the first slow-release intrauterine insemination (IUI) device of its kind, designed to improve IUI successes and avoid more invasive IVF.

Why we backed Ostara Biomedical

Evie™ has potential to be the go-to treatment for all fertility challenged patients embarking on treatment cycles. Equally exciting is Ostara’s work developing other mammalian products that focus on efficiencies in rodent and livestock farming.


verified Founded:  2016
fmd_good Headquarters:  London
business Sector:  HR Tech

About Patchwork

Patchwork was founded to help ease the staffing crisis faced by the NHS and health sector. Working with 60 UK-wide NHS partners, Patchwork is bringing flexibility to staff and employers through its intuitive end-to-end workforce management offering.

Why we backed Patchwork

Patchwork is growing quickly and has a real opportunity to displace existing solutions across the entire NHS rostering space. The company’s founders, who are ex-doctors, are also closer to the problem they’re trying to solve than many others.


verified Founded:  2014
fmd_good Headquarters:  Manchester
business Sector:  AI

About Peak

Peak specialises in Decision Intelligence, which is the commercial application of AI to grow profit and revenue. Peak’s approach combines complex data points with tailored AI to help brands like AO.com and PrettyLittleThing make better decisions.

Why we backed Peak

Peak has an incredible client base that stretches across multiple diverse industries. This includes FMCG giants like Pepsico and international retailers like Nike and ASOS, all of which are contributing to Peak’s world-class SaaS metrics.


verified Founded:  2018
fmd_good Headquarters:  Manchester
business Sector:  3D Virtual Communications

About PixelMax

PixelMax turns digital events and work environments into virtual interactive spaces that audiences can browse and explore. Using its technology and 3D expertise, PixelMax is helping businesses to adapt to post-pandemic events and hybrid working.

Why we backed PixelMax

PixelMax has one of the largest market opportunities we have seen. Its work with UEFA and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is also a testament to the scope of clients PixelMax can serve, with sector demand ranging from pharma to manufacturing.


verified Founded:  2011
fmd_good Headquarters:  Leeds
business Sector:  Cyber Security

About RapidSpike

RapidSpike’s award-winning website performance and security service interacts with sites via a consumer interface to better the digital experience. The company also alerts sites to cyber risks, user data theft and performance or reliability issues.

Why we backed RapidSpike

RapidSpike’s clients include major names like William Hill, Matalan, Whittard of Chelsea and The Hut Group. RapidSpike is also the only solution of its kind focusing on performance, reliability and security, setting it apart in several growing and competitive digital sectors.


verified Founded:  2013
fmd_good Headquarters:  Deeside
business Sector:  BioTech

About Reacta

Reacta is modernising the process of testing for food allergies with what is believed to be the world’s first regulated and controlled oral food challenge. The result is a more effective and potentially safer test for undiagnosed individuals.

Why we backed Reacta

The allergen market is global and growing, with clinical trials underway and new treatments incoming. Through its vital MHRA-approved work, Reacta has attracted a major pharmaceuticals contract and further opportunities are expected.


verified Founded:  2013
fmd_good Headquarters:  Manchester
business Sector:  Retail SaaS

About Sorted

Sorted is a Manchester-based SaaS company that specialises in retail delivery and shipping management. Sorted’s platform exists to help retailers compete with giants like Amazon through better customer service, personalised delivery options and more.

Why we backed Sorted

What attracted us to Sorted initially was the sheer size of its market opportunity. More retailers are realising that their delivery services need to be watertight to compete. For Sorted, this has led to major client wins, including Boohoo and M&S.


verified Founded:  2012
fmd_good Headquarters:  Manchester
business Sector:  Energy Tech

About SteamaCo

SteamaCo is helping to transform the energy industry in Southeast Asia and Africa, where it provides advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology to service both the on-grid and solar off-grid utility markets.

Why we backed SteamaCo

COVID has meant setbacks for SteamaCo. But with a new focus on Nigeria’s grid sector, where theft costs utility companies $1.6bn a year, there is an opportunity for SteamaCo’s renewable energy expertise, particularly after the UN’s Climate report.


verified Founded:  2016
fmd_good Headquarters:  London
business Sector:  Transport Tech

About Transreport

TransReport is a SaaS company that helps transport providers monitor, facilitate and act on passenger feedback more efficiently. The company covers all areas of transport, including the rail sector, where it has several long-term contracts.

Why we backed Transreport

TransReport’s early success has led to a contract from National Rail to roll out its Passenger Assistance app, which serves disabled passengers. This news, and the company’s scope to take on Europe and other travel sectors, is very exciting.

XR Games

verified Founded:  2017
fmd_good Headquarters:  Leeds
business Sector:  Games Development

About XR Games

XR Games is vying to become the leading games developer in the AR/VR gaming space. XR’s titles, including The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure and Zombieland: Headshot Fever, have garnered critical acclaim and praise from giants like Sony.

Why we backed XR Games

XR Games has earned a reputation for developing blockbuster games, with a client list that includes Sony, Rovio, Dreamworks, BBC and Lego. XR’s team also boasts big-game experience from major studios like Rockstar, EA, Codemasters and Sumo.